The Microsoft Store on Windows 10.

They “need to talk about the Microsoft Store on Windows 10

Someone would like to speak with your supervisor.

Here is a post titled “the Dos and Don’ts of Bitcoin Key Management”

Next up:

Dos and Donuts of Bitcoin Key Management. 

Here is a post that says “video game companies only stand for what you make them stand for”

(so put another dime in the jukebox, baby) 

CES 2021 “is officially a go for next January”. Guess which city will be hosting. 

This report says that the folks over at The Communications Infrastructure Contractors Association would like you to know that “the Global 5G Protest Day could see mobile towers attacked on Saturday” 

Yesterday’s news:

The Internet Archive is in danger.

Today’s topic:

The Internet Archive is in danger. 

Here is a report that says “Amazon is in early-stage talks to buy a stake worth at least $2 billion in mobile operator Bharti Airtel” because why the heck not: 

The folks over at Instagram would like to remind people about the existence of copyright licensing and using “embedded photos of other Instagram users on third-party websites or platforms.” 

If you want to spend your weekend doing some leisurely reading point your web browser towards Project Gutenberg and web browse “a library of over 60,000 free eBooks.” 

Here is the story of a “50-year-old Muscovite who invested $250,000 last year” in a cryptocurrency hedge fund and you know how this story will end.

Spoiler alert:

“I don’t really know what happened” 

The founder of Telegram has apparently “dropped plans to launch Telegram’s TON blockchain project” because reasons: 

This report says that China has started a “major trial of state-run digital currency”*

* with helpful picture of what people in a flower shop may look like. 

Here is a report on how “Blockchain firm Ripple sued Alphabet Inc’s YouTube” this week: 

A new report has entered the chatroom that takes a look at “how messaging technology is helping to fuel global protests” 

This may be the only time today that you get a chance to read about an “exploit code for wormable flaw on unpatched Windows devices” 

The folks over at Vice are reporting on a tool that “lets you email all of your city’s elected officials with one click” because why the heck not? 

In today’s Etherium investment fund news is this post that says Grayscale “revealed that $110 million worth of ETH has been purchased by the firm during 2020 so far.” 

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