Artificial intelligence models will get crazier and crazier.

A founder of “one of the UK’s leading AI start-ups” reportedly said that “large artificial intelligence models will only get “crazier and crazier” unless more is done”

In possibly related news:
Water will remain wet unless more is done.

China decided that using US chipmaker Micron Technology’s products would be a big Bu-Bu because “serious network security risks”

This report drops a dime on a report about DoorDash and a “lawsuit accusing it of charging iPhone users more for delivery”.

If you thought that “Vice and BuzzFeed were meant to be the future of news” and are wondering what happened you are not alone and today may be your lucky day.

This needs to be repeated again and again and again: the folks over at Apple are encouraging iPhone users to upgrade their devices.

This may be a repeat of a previous repeat from this time last year.

Oh bother ! If you were planning to ask “China’s ChatGPT rival” any questions about Winnie the Pooh you are going to have a bad day, hunny.

No word yet if Facebook had to check between the chair cushions in the Ireland offices in order to pay this fine “for its handling of user information.”

In today’s turn around tech news from the direction of the UK the Royal Navy there has reportedly been working “on groundbreaking system to replace GPS on ships”

Sort of news:
“Windows 11 is so broken”

Hold, please:
“that even Microsoft can’t fix it”

Reports have been located that say that Google found a way “to pay Washington state $40 million over location tracking claims”

The gambling playbook odds are allegedly 1-to-1 that a man from Wisconsin “allegedly stole roughly $600,000 from 1,600 accounts on an unnamed sports betting site.”