The top 10 average internet speeds globally.

Here is an analysis of the “top 10 average internet speeds globally in 2020”

Good news for:

Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Switzerland

Not so much good news for:

The United States. 

The main phone company in Israel is “replacing thousands of public phone booths with defibrillator stations” because why the heck not.

No word yet in response from Clark Kent. 

A man in the UK has been given a 3 year prison sentence “after torching a Vodafone-owned phone mast.”

Then it gets weird: 

You are probably going to want a quick snack followed by a moist towelette after reading that “Europe’s Just Eat  NV agreed to acquire U.S.-based Grubhub Inc. for $7.3 billion” 

This post takes a look at the classic controversy of “the most urgent threat of deepfakes”

Politics vs Porn, deepfake edition: 

Get ready to need to speak with a manager after you read this report “inside Nextdoor’s ‘Karen problem’ 

Apparently “researchers say online voting tech used in 5 states is fatally flawed”

Yes, that state made the list.

That one, too. 

Now see here, this “developer warns VR headset damaged eyesight” 

This report says that the “Human Rights Foundation has launched a fund for open-source Bitcoin development.” 

Here is a report on “things to consider before investing in a Bitcoin IRA”

Spoiler alert for your retirement:

“your IRA might be worth a lot or it could be worth nothing.”