Microsoft has a live streaming service named Mixer.

Reports are in that “Microsoft has decided to close its Mixer live streaming service”

In related news:

Microsoft has a live streaming service named Mixer. 

The story about fintech company Wirecard continues as their former CEO:

  • Resigned after $2.15 billion went missing.
  • “has been arrested by German prosecutors on suspicions of false accounting and manipulative business practices”
  • All of the above. 

Picture this: “Google will start including fact checks on images on its platform” 

According to this report “crooks abuse Google Analytics to conceal theft of payment card data” 

Hey, hey hey, a “new paid email service, HEY, has been making headlines recently in a very public fight with Apple over their App Store terms of service” 

According to reports “Toast Wallet–a free, open-source XRP wallet for Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows” is soon going to be toast. 

Apparently the “singer Akon is launching a cryptocurrency because why the heck not: 

If you guessed “80,000” as the number of printers that are “leaking device names, locations, models, firmware versions, organization names, and even WiFi SSIDs” you can start thinking about how to tone it down. 

The Microsoft Edge browser is being “accused of sneakily importing Firefox data on Windows 10”

They would have gotten away with it too, if it weren’t for those meddling kids. 

Amnesty International is saying that “sophisticated telephone surveillance software appears to have been used to spy on a journalist-activist in Morocco” 

The French contact tracing app StopCovid has:

  • “been activated 1.8 million times”
  • “only sent 14 notifications”
  • all of the above. 

The US Federal Communications Commission is asking T-Mobile users to “submit comments about their experiences during the 13-hour outage” that happened last week. 

The folks over at Forbes are saying that “ 

Here is a post that says Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies value is going to zero because they are not “based on the armed force of governments’ power.” 

This report says that the fastest ISP in the US is community owned and operated and located in Cedar Falls, Iowa: 

Honeywell’s new quantum computer:

  • is “twice as powerful as quantum computers operated by rivals IBM and Google.”
  • “contains a vacuum with five times fewer particles than outer space”
  • is edging “closer to threatening Bitcoin
  • all of the above. 

Apparently the latest updates for Windows 10 “could break down Microsoft Outlook”

[this may or may not be a repeat of previous Windows 10 updates]

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