Something Box.

Something something Something Box, starting in 2022 Dish Network will be downgrading the status of Sling Media’s Slingbox to “something box”.

The Prime Minister of Canada has pledged that 98% of his county’s citizens will be able to send him high speed complaint e-mails by 2026.

Reports are in that Walmart is going “to test deliveries with self-driving cars” in Scottsdale, Arizona and what could possibly go wrong?

Watch out, “Europe is adopting stricter rules on surveillance tech”

Being accused of “allegedly ‘abusing dominance'” and being “probed by India’s Competition Commission” is not a suggested combination.

Yesterday’s hungry news on demand:

30 minutes guaranteed pizza delivery.

Today’s transportation tech topic on demand: “Uber Reserve guarantees you a ride up to 30 days in advance”

Slow down your thinking, here is another “e-bike maker that will remove software that allows its e-bikes to offer pedal-assisted power beyond the EU limit of 25 km/h”

Next week the lights go out for Philips Hue smart bulbs’ “integration with Nest Thermostat, Nest Cam and Nest Protect”

Windows 10, iOS, Chrome, Firefox and VMware ESXi hypervisor have now all been:

c) “successfully pwned with previously unseen exploits”

Look at online gaming in another dimension then go forth and prosper with this news spock that says “Valve is working on another extension to help in Direct3D-Over-Vulkan”

34 years ago this month the first Blue Screen of Death happened.

There is an iPhone 12 model that costs a bazillion Brazillion bucks:

This is the spin on what happens to CDs when they are sent to die:

If your “Free Speech” app is banning users you might be doing it wrong.

Ubuntu has fixed some bugs in the operating system. But wait, there’s more: “A handful of commands was all it took for untrusted users to become all-powerful.”

Today’s “digital currency scheme to buy a $1.6M lakefront home and $160K Tesla” includes:

  • 1) An ex-Microsoft engineer
  • 2) a prison sentence of nine years
  • 3) “$10 million worth of digital currency”
  • 4) all of the above.

Here is a post from the folks at Lawfare that says”don’t sleep on China’s new blockchain internet”

Next up objection sustained:

Petula Clark sings “Don’t sleep in the subway”

(Don’t tell anyone where you saw it)

Here is a report that says “mysterious bugs were used to hack iPhones and Android phones and no one will talk about it”

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