Invest some time.

Invest some time and read about how you should get in early and tell a friend “”TikTok is banning MLMs”

Yesterday’s news:

Bitcoin value hits an all-time high.

Today’s ballooning topic:

“Guggenheim Partners Chief Investment Officer” goes on TV and says that “his firm’s fundamental analysis shows Bitcoin should be worth $400,000.”

According to this report “over 66,540 addresses now hold $1 million worth of Bitcoin

But wait, there’s more:

“with the figure rising by a staggering 150% in the past day.”

Before you throw out that old hard drive it is *very* important to remember those “misplaced 7,500 Bitcoins” that you mined in 2009.

Today’s “hardware or firmware” HDMI bug news includes “AV receivers, XBOX Series X & NVIDIA graphic cards”

The Chicago Mercantile Exchange has apparently announced that in February 202 it “will launch a futures contract on Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency

Just like magic this report says that “Google quietly buys a company that turns your old Windows 7 PC into a Chrome OS machine”

Here is news of a “cryptocurrency futures exchange” that is “setting up a blockchain-based market for unsecured lending”

Bonus content:

“Firms can borrow U.S. dollars and Bitcoin for short-term trading”

Hold, please:

What could possibly go wrong?

This report says that the “largest US cryptocurrency exchange” has filed for IPO because “Bitcoin soars past $23,000” and why the heck not:

You can add Microsoft to your list of databases that “was also breached in recent SolarWinds supply chain hack”