First rule of the 10KB Club.

The first rule of the 10KB Club is don’t ask about this “curated collection of interesting websites whose home pages do not exceed 10 KB compressed size.”

Attention Windows 10 users:

Microsoft would like to kindly remind you to *not* remove that root certificate that is expiring at the end of this month.

Good news:

“Smart video doorbells equipped with HomeKit Secure Video are just now starting to hit the market.”

Hold, please:

they are still plagued by inadequacies.”

Lawyers might get involved now that exam proctoring software has flagged “one-third of California’s bar exam test takers for cheating”

The “Minister for communications, cyber safety and the arts” in Australia has declared that the “national broadband network (NBN) is “built and fully operational”**

** does not apply to “35,000 premises that remain unable to connect to the network”

There is something phishy about the holiday bonus notifications that GoDaddy employees have been receiving.

Sort of news:

“Citrix devices are being abused as DDoS attack vectors”

Better news:

“Citrix says it’s working on a fix”

Hold, please:

“expected next year”

Believe it or not, New York City “is paying $2 Million for anti-plagiarism software after firing teachers”

Due to a recently reported hack, the list of compromised data at the US Treasury Department now includes “dozens of email accounts”

An Apple store in California has been temporarily closed and some people are calling it an Emeryville horror.

The year’s streaming media news is rounding out with reports that “Square could be trying to buy Tidal from Jay-Z”

Snap has reportedly filed a patent on not at all creepy technology that “can take a single image of an individual, and then create an animated video of that person”

Thanks to TikTok here are 40 people that are more popular on social media than you are:

Here is a look at the “Best Cheap PC Games 2020”

In related news:

In the world of games $105.89 is now considered “cheap”.