Avoid being banned

Apparently this needs to be repeated: In order to avoid being banned on social media it is very important to review the contents of your videos before you post them.


Attention software developers that live in Iran: One of your long national nightmares is over. “GitHub is fully available in Iran”


Sort of news: “WhatsApp will share your data with Facebook”

Hold, please:

“whether you like it or not”


The US Justice Department is reportedly saying that “SolarWinds hackers breached its Office 365 system and read email”

But wait, there’s more:

They “discovered the intrusion 9 days after SolarWinds hack came to light.”


Kenya has reportedly enacted a “new tax targeting crypto exchanges” and they “expecting to earn up to 5 billion Kenyan shillings ($45.5 million)” from it in its first six months:


Today’s malware news includes three apps that “have been stealing crypto undetected for a year”


Cryptocurrency mining minor reports are in that say Marathon Patent Group and DMG Blockchain Solutions are going to “launch North America’s first cooperative mining pool”


Here is a post for people who are “a victim of Bitcoin theft or a scam”

Spoiler alert:

“most “recovery” services are scams”


Possibly good news:

Bitcoin is already changing the daily lives of millions of people”


If you have been wondering “why Bitcoin, MicroStrategy Stock, and Grayscale Bitcoin Trust soared today” there is a web page for that: