Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo.

Make sure that you are sitting down for this one: “Microsoft tried to buy Nintendo” **

** that’s the joke.

Yesterday’s news:

Instant messaging.

Today’s topic:

“An integrated space-to-ground quantum communication network over 4,600 kilometres”

Reports are in that Red Hat has bought “Kubernetes security startup StackRox” because why the heck not:

If someone doesn’t accept your friend request on social media it is very important to remember to *not* “threaten to kill them and kick in their front door”

A “high level Uber executive” is currently in the Broward County, Florida jail while authorities review his level of efficiency at parenting skills.

Yesterday’s news:

Bitcoin valued at over $30,000.

Today’s topic:

Bitcoin tops $40,000”

Here is a look at “why Pinterest stock skyrocketed 253.5% in 2020”

According to this report “a digital asset company based in Argentina has purchased major Brazilian crypto exchange BitcoinTrade.”

In today’s ransomware news “Ryuk ransomware is estimated to have earned over $150 Million in ransom”

But wait, there’s more:

One of the largest ransoms being tracked to their wallet “is worth 365 Bitcoins, valuing over $5 million.”

It’s a race to the Finnish as authorities “are selling $76 million in seized Bitcoin

As the price of Bitcoin soars let’s take a nostalgic look back to some Bitcoin price predictions from 2017: