Today’s technical headline technical question.

Technically, today’s technical headline technical question is “what does being ‘technical’ mean?”

According to this report “Bitcoin has risen 900 per cent since March of last year and many famous backers have jumped on the bandwagon.” *

* with helpful picture of what a famous backer may look like.

Reports are in that it is high time that a “German cannabis company bets on Bitcoin instead of the Euro”

In today’s hot technology news is reports that “Amazon is opening its first manufacturing line in India to produce Fire TV devices”

This week a hospital in France has been “stricken with ransomware attacks” this week a hospital in France has been “stricken with ransomware attacks” this week.

Yesterday’s news:

A 3D printer in your home office.

Today’s topic:

Your new home “entirely made with the 3D printer.

The naked truth is that the government in Uttar Pradesh “have undertaken a scheme wherein the details of any person who searches porn online will reach the police through an SMS”

This report drops a dime on how scientists are saying that “tiny graphene microchips could make your phones and laptops thousands of times faster”

In this week’s “hold, please” news:

“Kia Motors USA is experiencing a nationwide outage affecting:”

1) “IT servers”

2) “self-payment phone services”

3) “dealer platforms”

4) all of the above.

Here is a report on the best p4s3w0rd “manager alternatives” to LastPass:

If you have been searching for light in the dark and without power knowing “the real reason for Texas’ rolling blackouts” today may be your lucky day:

Share this news that the “’ShareIt’ Android app with over a billion downloads is a security nightmare”

Bonus content:

“I wanted sharing, but this is too much sharing”

Yesterday’s news:

Spam emails have become endemic.

Today’s topic:

‘Spy pixels in emails have become endemic’

It’s time for a TikTok complaint with the European Commission according to a consumer rights group and accusations of breaching consumer rights and failing “to protect children from hidden advertising and inappropriate content”

Don’t stop believin’ that media firms in Australia have been making offers with Google that they can’t refuse.

Add another Sony class action lawsuit onto your list of Sony suits, this time “over its reported failure to honor warranty agreements on PlayStation 5 controllers”

In today’s smart light news is a report that “Wyze extends its budget home automation line with color bulbs”

Still no report of Wyze vowel extensions.