In the west you watch TV.

In the west you watch TV.

“In China, the Smart TV watches you, shares IP address, Wi-Fi SSIDs, viewing habits, and more”

Google is reporting that John Justice has left the Stadia.

Good news:

Optional diagnostic software is now available for owners of the electric car Chevy Bolt.

Hot update:
to prevent future battery fires

Microsoft has announced that it will be using “a new default font for its Office applications, such as Word and Excel” because reasons.

In recent fibre-optic news is this report on the “world’s first fibre-optic ultrasonic imaging probe for future nanoscale disease diagnostics”

If you are a student in Africa, are interested in becoming a software developer and really, really like the Android operating system today may be your lucky day.

A new feature has been discovered in the Apple AirTag.

Spoiler alert:

“a great spot for a keychain hole”