Editing software accused of being spyware.

Reports are in that a “well-known open-source audio-editing software” is being accused of being spyware after updating its Privacy Policy to include notification that it:
1) collects user data.
2) shares user data.
3) sends user data to Russia.
4) all of the above.


If you are thinking of selling your smart speaker “be aware that you can’t completely delete personal content from the device.”

Dot. Echo Dot. Dot. Echo Dot. Dot Echo Dot

But wait, there’s more:
“Even after you reset them”


Sort of news:
“China’s equivalent of Uber” has IPO with shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

Hold please:
Two days later China ordered the app be removed from app stores.


Researchers in the UK report the results of a study of the national Covid tracing app.

Spoiler alert:
“On average, each confirmed case who consented to notification of their contacts through the app prevented one new case”


Yesterday’s news:
Your job is replaced by a robot.

Today’s topic:
Getting fired from your job by an app.


Reports are in that say “the Cyberspace Administration of China has opened a cybersecurity review” into two more New York Stock Exchange listed companies because reasons.


A ransomware group is asking for a ransom of $70 million in Bitcoin for a universal decryptor “that it says will unlock the files of all victims.”

Bonus content:

“Following the money remains one of the most basic, yet powerful tools we have”


Sort of good news:
“A Chinese effort to work around App Tracking Transparency rules”

Hold, please:
“Apple blocks updates”


Microsoft reportedly says that it is not hip to be square and “hides your LinkedIn profile in China if you mention Tienanmen Square”


If you were hoping for more than one feature update/year in Windows 11 this report says that you should keep hoping.

Weight, watch.
You will be hungry for more news after reading this report that says “Google has second thoughts about cutting cookies, so serves up CHIPs”

No response yet from Jon and Ponch.


Sort of news:
“Google removes popular Android apps that stole Facebook passwords”

Hold, please:
“They had over 5.8 million downloads”


Military rulers in Myanmar are apparently using a controversial method for telecom companies there to retain senior executives.