Remotely channel your thoughts.

Remotely channel your thoughts into this report on how “Roku is plotting to take over your Smart Home”

Seagate has unveiled a new hard drive that “features two independent sets of actuator arms that seek different regions of the platters simultaneously, resulting in a near doubling in random access performance” because why the heck not.

Several readers are giving a 3-star rating on this report on a scam app on the App Store that “forced users to give a 3-star rating”

Google may not have plant for the response to “its third major operating system, Fuchsia

According to this report PayPal us going “to allow users to withdraw cryptocurrency to third party wallets” because why the heck not.

It is time for TikTok to have “a new female voice narrating their videos.”

Co-incidentally, there is now “a lawsuit against the video-sharing platform for copyright violation”

If you are a Business Development Manager with experience in cryptocurrency payments and you really like Apple products, today may be your lucky day:

Here is news of “Chia, a cryptocurrency intended to be a “green” alternative to bitcoin” that has “instead caused a global shortage of hard discs” that has seen some people red with anger.

Reports are in that “Uber finally recognizes a UK driver union”

Uber Eats couriers are left hungry for more.

That company who said “it will launch its own app-based privatized law enforcement service” has had its data “about some 1.7 million public safety “incidents”” leaked onto the Dark Web.

Love it or leave it, today’s technology rom-com news includes “three lessons the Bitcoin dip can teach you about relationships”.

Sheetz has announced pressing news that you can now pay for gas and convenience store items at their locations with “digital currencies like bitcoin, ether, litecoin, dogecoin, and more.”

It is time for you considerBitcoin cycles and how they have evolved over time”.

It will take much less than one Scaramucci of your time to read this report on how “Bitcoin should be part of your retirement plan”

If you have ever wondered what Taproot is “and how it will benefit Bitcoinyou are not alone, and today may be your lucky day.

Delivery of today’s data breach news will leave you stamping your feet in anger as it includes Canada Post, shipments between 2016 and 2019, and “nearly one million Canadians (that) may have had their names and addresses exposed”