Alert users if they’re racist.

Social networking service Nextdoor has announced that it “will alert users if it thinks they’re about to post something racist”

Apparently the feature is needed for the people in your neighborhood.

If you have been looking for another way to buy and sell bitcoin, ether, litecoin and bitcoin cash today may be your lucky day.

Venmo has announced a new feature that lets users “invest in four different cryptocurrencies with a minimum spending requirement of $1.”

People are being driven to anger after learning that the car insurance company Geico “suffered a data breach earlier this year that exposed customers’ driver’s license numbers for more than a month”

SoftBank : we’re going “to sell the UK tech company to Nvidia for about $40 billion”

UK government: “hold, please.”

If you have been wondering whether a multi-node quantum network could pave the way “for the quantum internet” apparently the answer is :


Here is a report that says “low-orbit satellite internet can be weaponized against authoritarian states, and those regimes are getting jittery.” **

** with helpful picture of what a low-orbit satellite dish may look like in the wild.

Sing along.

Sing along if you have heard this tune before: a recent study shows that “songwriters are getting drastically short-changed in the music-streaming economy”

Amazon has announced that they are opening a hair salon in London because why the heck not.

Today’s hot news from the Internet of Things includes “remote code execution vulnerabilities uncovered in a smart air fryer”

According to this report “Huawei denies a spying accusation in the Netherlands” because of course they do.

Reports are in that “Microsoft says mandatory password changing is “ancient and obsolete” **

** with helpful picture of what an ancient Password may look like.

Yesterday’s news:
School’s out for summer.

Today’s topic:
Online schools are here to stay, even after the pandemic”

Here is a report on “the incredible rise of North Korea’s hacking army”

No word in response yet from Max Klinger or Frank Burns.

Possibly good news:
Another Windows 10 update.

Hold please:
“causes frame rates to plummet” and blue screen of death.

Be a teller and let people know about this this report that says banks in the U.S. are deploying Artificial Intelligence “to monitor customers and workers”

It’s not just you.

“Experts say Instagram for kids is a terrible idea.”

Here is a report on a report on a company in Australia that has “launched a new service that allows employment wages to be paid in Bitcoin

Reports are in that “Canadian crypto miner Bitfarms is planning a huge new bitcoin mining site in Argentina” because why the heck not.

It’s about time that there was a well-timed post about how it will soon be possible to buy a timed subscription to Time online magazine anytime and pay with cryptocurrency one-time.