It was time.

It was time for the creator of TikTok to leave the company.

Believe it or not this report says that an “artificial intelligence system could help counter the spread of disinformation”.

According to this report “Apple’s M1 chip has an unfixable security flaw baked into the silicon”

Yesterday’s news:
An apple to eat with your lunch.

Today’s topic:
“Apple is eating our lunch”

Meaty cyberattack news today as reports say that “the largest meat producer globally, had to shut down production at multiple sites worldwide following a cyberattack.”

Sort of news:
“Your iPhone (and iCloud backups) are full of gigabytes-worth of old iMessages”

Hold, please:
They “are virtually impossible to read”.

Find your way to read this report about court documents that say “Google buried location settings so people wouldn’t disable them”

Reports are in saying that LG is converting smartphone production lines to make home appliances because reasons.

Here is a report that says “Bitcoin mining booms in Argentina thanks to cheap electricity and capital controls” **

** with helpful picture of a Bitfarms facility in Quebec, Canada.

Wait. What?

If you have a spare $1,199 and want to own a Nvidia GeForce RTX 3080 Ti gaming GPU, June 3rd may have been your lucky day.