Nintendo had plans to bring Email.

Let’s take a nostalgic look back at 1998, when “Nintendo had plans to bring Email, Internet searching, and Live Streams to the Game Boy Color”

While you were busy dodging cars in traffic this past year Starlink Internet satellites “had two “close encounters” with the Chinese space station on July 1 and Oct. 21″

A court in the Netherlands has ruled that “Apple must let Dating Apps offer alternative payment options in the App Store”

Here are the ABC’s of why “Alphabet was the top big tech stock of the year” in 2021.

There is a proposed “new cable that would cross the Arctic through the Northwest Passage and terminate in Japan on the Asian side, and Ireland and Norway (with a link on to Finland) on the European side” because reasons.

While you were messing around with your home office printer over this past holiday season a “Virginia family received the keys to their new 3D-printed home”

A recent study has found that 1/3 of software programmers use marijuana while….

Oh look !

Something shiny !

Here is a report on some of the tech startups that failed this year.
Spoiler alert:

one of them had raised $2 billion in funding.

According to this report “Binance has received regulatory approval from Canada and Bahrain” because reasons.