Illegal to record law enforcement.

There is a law in Arizona that makes it “illegal to record law enforcement within 8 feet (about 2.4 meters) because reasons.

Reports are in that say “China’s Xiaomi Corp has produced its first batch of smartphones in Vietnam” because why the heck not.

According to this report “The Bank of Spain has registered Binance as a virtual currency platform”

Still awaiting status update from the plains regarding the rain in Spain.

If you have been wanting to learn about a malware that spreads via Youtube that “can target more than 30 cryptocurrency browsers and applications, such as cryptocurrency cold wallets, cryptocurrency extensions,” this might be IT.

Here is a report on a report that says “the “vast majority” of investors who have bet thousands of dollars on the success of Ethereum’s upcoming major upgrade are “firmly underwater on their position”

Believe it or not this post says “bad UI is causing people to get scammed”