A rather rubenesque report.

Rubenesque reporter.

Here is a rather rubenesque report on a social media company fatphobia problem because from time to time what the we all need at a time like this is a rather rubenesque report.


Detect human emotions.

In today’s artificial intelligence news:
Xiaomi has announced a ‘humanoid robot’ that has arms and legs and ‘can detect human emotions’ because why the heck not, in any event this may or may not end well.


Bounties of $10 million

If you have “useful information about individual members” of a famous ‘ransomware gang’ and would like to receive “bounties of up to $10 million” from the US State Department that might be the most compelling evidence that you have that today just might be your lucky day.


According to this post the first rule for ‘entitled users’ of open source code fight club is “give nothing, expect nothing”


Yesterday’s news:

You win a Nokia phone in a contest on YouTube.

Today’s topic:
“Nokia wins Perth Metronet communications system contract”


Reports are in that say “Tesla drivers are taking to the streets to test whether Full Self-Driving technology stops for children”.

All things considered this may not end well.


Believe it or not this report says that “the US Department of Justice has charged four people with conspiring to fraudulently sell a startup for $150 million”

Spoiler alert:
“tricking Qualcomm”


Hot and wet news says that Toronto uses an Artificial Intelligence tool for measuring its beaches’ water quality that is under fire.


If you can’t stop thinking about “how Nokia ringtones became the first viral ringtones” you are not humming that tune solo. Although this may be true today may be your lucky day.


Reports are in that say Google is going to regularly have more Fiber in Arizona, Colorado, Nebraska, Nevada and Idaho over the next years.**
** with helpful picture of what a work van may and traffic cone look like.


In today’s social media news: here is a report on “how Russia-aligned Venezuela influenced the presidential election in Columbia to its political benefit.” Still no motive reported about Colonel Mustard in the library with the candlestick.