AC/DC song using Artificial Intelligence.

In today’s hard-rocking A.I. news:

Here is the story of a man who created an “AC/DC song using Artificial Intelligence” 

It’s more likely than you may think. 

Uber has told another 3,000 of its employees to hit the road: 

Time has run out for this streaming media executive at Disney as he has been hired to be the CEO of TikTok: 

Nintendo has apparently “filed two lawsuits on Friday against Nintendo Switch hack resellers that sell software to play pirated video games” 

Softbank has announced big losses including ” almost $10 billion at office-sharing firm WeWork and ride- hailing app Uber” making contributing to an annual loss of $18 billion: 

If you are using “Dr. Google” as your physician to “health symptoms and seek medical advice” you are doing it wrong: 

Here is a post on “how to fix video problems in Google Meet”

Noticeably absent:

“Unplug it and plug it back in again” 

Apparently supercomputers in the UK, Germany, and Switzerland “have been infected this week with cryptocurrency mining malware and have shut down to investigate the intrusions.” 

If you have been wanting to see charts that review the history of the price of Bitcoin, there is a website for that: 

Here is a look at “9 billionaires who own Bitcoin” 

PingPipe web hosting is are running some great specials on dedicated servers custom configured for VoIP providers.

Custom shop VoIP dedicated servers in Amsterdam, London, Singapore, and New York City: 

Reports are in that there is an app that “can be used to track the location history of military personnel.”

Hold, please:

“The beer-rating app Untappd” 

Sort of news:

A podcast app has been pulled from the Google Play Store.

Hold, please:

It was banned because “some podcasts which can be accessed on the app” reference the coronavirus. 

If you have been feeling a little trapped lately with self-isolation there is a virtual escape room available for that, and it is this virtual bank vault: 

Today’s high-flying cyber attack news includes 9 million customers of the UK airline EasyJet, who say that “email addresses and travel details had been stolen and that 2,208 customers had also had their credit card details “accessed”. 

According to this report, Walmart is apparently discontinuing its ” online-only marketplace that it acquired for $3 billion (plus $300 million in earn-outs over time). 

Reports are in that SoftBank “plans to sell about $20 billion of its T-Mobile shares” 

Here is a post from 2011 that looks at “why Bitcoin will fail”

Let’s see how well this aged: 

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