Deepfake Detection Challenge.

A winner of the “Deepfake Detection Challenge” has been announced.

In related news: “This looks shopped. I can tell from some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.” 

According to this report “Samsung and LG agree to end the QLED War” Our long international nightmare is over. 

Here is a report on a company “offering to provide binary protection against reverse engineering” doing a double-reversal with a half twist and apparently making “more than $500,000 from selling its binary crypter to malware gangs.” 

Today’s artificial intelligence news includes this report of “an AI tool that can turn blurry, unrecognizable pictures of people’s faces into eerily convincing computer-generated portraits” 

The Internet Archive program that “provided free, unfettered access to more than 1 million e-books” is shutting down because lawyers. 

SpaceX has updated its website and you can now get updates on the availability of the “Starlink satellite internet project” in your area: 

We are no longer in the dark as to whether “spies can eavesdrop by watching a light bulb’s vibrations” 

Here is a report that says “La Liga, Spain’s top football/soccer division” is back playing games “with computer-generated crowds” because why the heck not: 

You can add “Computex 2020, Taiwan’s PC showcase” to your list of things that won’t be happening this year. 

It’s like deja vu all over again with this report that says “Windows 10’s latest updates are causing havoc with printers” 

It’s like deja vu all over again with this report that says “Windows 10’s latest updates are causing havoc with printers” 

Here is a report of a “hacker that bypasses GE’s ridiculous refrigerator DRM” because water filters. 

You are cordially invited to read about an  “data security breach involving customer information.”


Information included names, usernames, email addresses, Evite passwords, date of birth, phone numbers and mailing addresses. 

This analysis says that “Data from 15 million phones shows some Americans are gathering at pre-pandemic levels” because of course they are: 

If you guessed Knoxville Tennessee to be “the 51st city or state entity hit by the ransomware scourge this year” step right up to read about it and see a picture of the “Knoxville City-County Building, overlooking the Tennessee River.” 

Yesterday’s news: The Internet of Things.

Today’s topic: “An Internet of Trouble” 

To no one’s surprise, a security regulator in Canada has said that the collapse last year “of Canadian cryptocurrency trading platform Quadriga CX was due to a Ponzi scheme”

If you have been wondering how you could “block YouTube ads with a single keystroke” there is a website for that:

Once upon a time “interactive storytelling App Whatifi launches with $10 million in funding”