A vegetarian who is single and ready to mingle.

If you are a vegetarian who is single and ready to mingle, there is a smartphone app for that:


A software firm in Cyprus has “claimed to have built an algorithm to identify women’s orgasms”

Social media feedback is as expected and you’ve already clicked the link:


There is apparently a DeFragger bug in Windows 10 that defrags SSD Drives too often”


Yesterday’s news:

Dial-up modems.

Today’s topic:

“Researchers at DTU Fotonik have successfully teleported information between two microchips by using a quantum mechanical entanglement of two photons.”


Believe it or not, today’s deepfake news includes this report that says “deepfakes aren’t very good—nor are the tools to detect them” http://ow.ly/3PRn30qPTYN 

Venmo and Paypal and the worst hotel stay ever: http://ow.ly/QKVp30qPU1Y 

Here is the story of a guy who is a podcaster and also “the victim of a phishing scheme who lost 12 Bitcoins” :


Today’s cryptocurrency exchange news includes reports that “Canadian exchange Coinsquare was practicing so-called ‘wash trading’, according to leaked emails, Slack chats, and other files.”


“Generally, wash trading violates securities law.


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