The development of the first Bulletin Board System (BBS)

The development of the first Bulletin Board System (BBS) might not have ever happened, if it wasn’t for “the Great Blizzard of 1978 in Chicago”. 

Here is “a quick and dirty guide to cell phone surveillance at protests” 

Reports are in that the “National Security Agency is testing a secure domain name system model to better secure companies in the defense industrial base, whose networks house critical weapons technology information.” 

This report takes a l**k at “the Internet’s most censored place” 

According to this report Australia “has been targeted by a ‘sophisticated’ state-based cyber attack” 

Apparently “Russia’s communications watchdog said Thursday it would lift a ban on the popular messaging app Telegram after two years of unsuccessful attempts to block it.” 

My, my, hey, hey (out of the blue) “Apple doubles down on controversial decision to reject email app Hey” 

Here is a report on “how social media has changed civil rights protests” 

Payment processor Wirecard:

1) is “unable to locate $2.1 billion.”

2) accounting forced out their CEO.

3) ” is now facing a potential cash crunch.”

4) all of the above. 

In today’s Internet of Things news is this post on “leveraging IoT technology for good” 

People located in the US can now apparently “sign up for Firefox’s new VPN beta” 

According to this post “less than 20% of Bitcoin is actively traded, Most is held long term” 

This report says that “cyber spies use LinkedIn to hack European defence firms” 

Reports are in that Bitcoin giveaway scammers have made ” more than $2 million over the past two months from Elon Musk’s name.” 

This report says that “cyber spies use LinkedIn to hack European defence firms” 

“Instagram, an Etsy review, and LinkedIn” have more in common than you may have previously thought: 

Apparently TiKTok has explained “how the ‘for you’ algorithm works”

Here are some details: 

According to this report a court in France has upheld a “ruling fining Google $56 million for data protection violations” 

If you are a resident of Hong Kong you should probably be aware that your fellow citizens “are erasing their own internet histories before China’s big crackdown” 

Here is a post that says the US is being “slammed as a ‘rogue state’ for withdrawing from global effort to make tech giants pay fair share in taxes” 

Sort of news: A company that Oracle owns “has near-perfected the art of tracking people across the internet.”

Hold, please: “that web tracking data was spilling out onto the open internet because a server was left unsecured and without a password” 

Hear here, listen here.

The folks over at Forbes have put together a list of the “top crypto podcasts of 2020” 

Here is a look at “how many people have more than $ 1 billion in Bitcoin” 

This post lists the “average response times for Bitcoin exchanges” 

According to this report “new Mac malware uses ‘novel’ tactic to bypass macOS Catalina security”