Astronomy Picture of the Day” turned 25 years old.

The NASA website “Astronomy Picture of the Day” turned 25 years old this week. 

Here is a post on “how to spot phony images and online propaganda” 

The founder of a cryptocurrency firm has admitted “he cheated investors out of $25 million”

Spoiler alert:

“by claiming to have developed a debit card allowing users to make purchases with digital currency at any business accepting Visa or Mastercard.” 

Reports are in that in Zoom will “offer end-to-end encryption for all users” and that trials are set to start in July: 

This report says that “Google Alerts accidentally circulating malware among users” 

Believe it or not, T-Mobile has explained why its network went down on Monday: 

This report says that “AT&T is cutting 3,400 union jobs from its wireline broadband and phone network operations” or as they like to call it ““headcount rationalization” 

Here is a look “inside the underground trade of pirated OnlyFans porn” 

Like it or not apparently “Windows 10 20H2 update will include Chromium Edge browser” 

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