YouTube Music operating policy.

Summary of YouTube Music operating policy:

  • 1) you buy the music.
  • 2) you buy the speaker.
  • 3) you buy the right to play the music on the speaker.

What could possibly go wrong?

Julian Assange apparently recruited a hacker that was an FBI informant and now he’s been charged with “conspiring with Anonymous and LulzSec hackers” 

A man who “who helped lay the intellectual groundwork for what is now called the Internet of Things” has passed away.

RIP Michael Hawley, aged 58. 

According to this post, people in Australia are now “able to pay for Bitcoin at more than 3,500 Australian Post offices.” *

* with helpful picture of what an Australian with Bitcoin may look like. 

The former CEO of Microsoft is saying that “fighting misinformation online is ‘easier than people think’”

…or IS he? 

The state government in Michigan has passed a bill making “implant microchips in workers to track productivity” voluntary in the state. Still no cure for Covid. 

Reports are in that “Lazada, Alibaba’s Southeast Asian arm” is attempting a CEO hat trick: 

Amazon is going to buy the “self-driving startup Zoox for over $1 billion” because why the heck not: 

Yesterday’s news: Greetings hidden in Chinese fortune cookies.

Today’s topic: “Spyware hidden in Chinese tax software”

According to this post “fixers know what ‘repairable’ means—now there’s a standard for it” probably written in an owner’s manual somewhere. 

Here is news of a “tool to protect children’s online privacy” that apparently “nabs apps that violate federal law with 99% accuracy”

Why don’t you have a seat over there and read about it:

“GoldenSpy backdoor trojan” is a thing and reports are in that it has been “found in a Chinese bank’s official tax software, which the bank has been forcing western companies to install.” 

It is also a cool name for a James Bond themed lounge act. 

Senators in the US have unveiled “a bill that would make encryption useless” because reasons: 

The folks at CNET have reviewed some smartphones that are as rugged as phone booths.

Look. It’s super, man:

It’s a webserver electric boogaloo too, as reports are in that “Discord just shut down the biggest ‘Boogaloo’ server for inciting violence” 

This post says that “Ads for dangerous, unregulated lip injections flood Instagram and Snapchat” No news yet about ads for safe, regulated lip injections. 

In today’s Artificial Intelligence news feed is this report that “Burger King is leveraging Tesla autopilot’s confusion to sell Whoppers”

Wait. What ?

Reports are in that there was a proposal in the US congress yesterday for a “$100 billion “universal fiber plan” that would ” deploy 100Mbps symmetrical broadband throughout US.”

Let’s see how this works out for them:

Hit the snooze button in your work-day and spend some time to learn how “European clocks lose six minutes after dispute saps power from electricity grid” 

If you have a beef with a cow’s social media account and try to sue for defamation, you are going to have a bad day:

Here is an interesting report from “former Florida Data Official Rebekah Jones on the state manipulating COVID-19 data” 

This post says that “a domestic violence prevention app backed by Dr. Phil exposed victims’ distress recordings.”

Wait. What?

This report says that Goldman Sachs has released a “new font you’re not allowed to criticize Goldman Sachs with”

Still no cure for Comic Sans.

London calling to the faraway towns. Dedicated server web hosting services now. TeleHouse East data center.

Down by the river.

Yes, special summer discounts are available: 

Important reminder note for the UK government:

When buying navigation system satellites it is *very important* that you always remember to make sure that you are buying “the right type of satellite the country needs after Brexit.” 

Reports are in that “California’s Santa Cruz has become the first U.S. city to ban predictive policing”

No one saw this coming. 

If you are a Russian national living in the US and you are thinking of operating “two websites devoted to the facilitation of payment card fraud, computer hacking, and other crimes” just don’t do it. 

The pop singer Akon has reportedly finalized a “deal to build a cryptocurrency city in Senegal” because why the heck not: 

In today’s smartphone app news:

BMW will reportedly be the first car company to support the Apple CarKey function.

In related news:

“On Monday, Apple revealed a new feature in iOS 14” that they are calling CarKey: 

Google’s parent company is buying tech startup “Focals by North smart glasses” for $180 million.

No word yet on North face smart glasses. 

If you are wanting to read about how “credit card skimmers are now being buried in image file metadata on e-commerce websites” there is a website for that: 

Reports are in that Microsoft is going to “permanently close all of its retail stores” and turn some of the locations into “experience centers” what ever the heck that is: 

Sort of news:

“Grayscale Investments purchased 19,879 Bitcoin over a seven-day period,”

But wait, there’s more:

“At this rate, the organization could own 3.4% of all Bitcoin by 2021.” 

A new version of BTCPay server is out and here is what’s new in version 

Today’s featured news snippet: “SpaceX satellite internet plan hits dish ground” 

This report says that “the most-sought manufacturer of Bitcoin mining machines” has announced its “IPO of 19,264,337 Class A ordinary shares at US$5.23 ”