A new Harry Potter role-play game.

There is good news for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X online gamers in this report from Forbes about a report from Bloomberg about a reported release date for “a new Harry Potter role-play game (RPG)”


Some people believe that the Internet is the greatest invention of all time.

Other people believe that “our greatest invention was the invention of invention itself”


Microsoft has announced that it is “shutting down its streaming site Mixer on July 22” leaving tens of people in a catch-22 on July 22.


Here is news that “a hacker has found a way to run homebrew software on an unmodified PlayStation 2 using nothing but a carefully burned DVD-ROM.” because why the heck not.


Attention users of AT&T, Comcast and T-Mobile:

Those sweet sweet no data cap days are now over.


Reports are in that “Apple might not include a charger with the iPhone 12” because reasons: 


Here is a report that says “Netflix is giving 2% of cash going forward to economic development of black communities.”


Satellite television company DirecTV “is losing customers fast” so naturally they have responded by raising prices for new customers.

Let’s see how well this works out for them:


This report says players of the online game Robolox have “complained their profiles were hacked” with a political message.


Here is a report that says “University of California San Francisco pays ransomware hackers $1.14 million”

Won’t they ever learn?


Everyone sing along, today Spotify launched “its real-time lyrics feature in 26 worldwide markets including India, countries in Southeast Asia, and Latin America”


Twitch is not only a “live-streaming platform popular with gamers” as they are suspending user channels “for violating its rules on “hateful conduct”


Yesterday’s news:

“Your phone is vulnerable because of 5G “

Today’s topic:

“Your phone is vulnerable because of 2G”


In today’s Artificial Intelligence news is this startup that “plans to save farming with A.I.”

Let’s see how well that works out for them.


Here is a post that reports on reports that many streaming subscribers have recently been crossing the river “with churn rate rising to 41%”


The Apple News app is now less New York Times-y.


Reports are in that Elon Musk is calling from atop his stacks of cash and asking Tesla “workers to help company break even in second quarter” 


Long before online streaming and social distancing were things, 40 years ago “in June of 1980” there was The Walkman, man:


Re-set your computer clocks and read about how apparently NASA has found the time to extend its Atomic Clock Mission:


Reports are in that “Amazon is bringing virtual viewing parties to Prime subscribers” *

* with helpful picture of what a virtual viewing party may look like. 


Today’s deepfake news includes the company with mouse ears and “movie quality face swapping technology that promises to change filmmaking”


The government in Singapore is offeringsmartphone-less seniors” the ability to upgrade their online status to smartphone-less seniors” with Bluetooth COVID-19 trackers.


Yesterday’s news:

Cascading stream through the mountain meadows wildflowers.

Today’s topic:

“Cascading security through the Internet of Things supply chain” 


Here is news of a data brokering company that “sells phone location data to the FBI”.

Hold, please.


Reports are in that streaming service Twitch is responding to “sexual assault as it begins permanently suspending streamers.”


This morning someone with more net worth available than you “transferred Bitcoins worth close to $1 billion USD”


This may be the only time today that you get a chance to read the phrase “teen volunteer to WikiLeaks’ Assange dug dirt and wooed Bieber, McCartney”


The President of Taiwan has said that the launch of 5G “is a “critical milestone” in the development of the country’s tech sector” *

*Bonus question: What has seven thumbs and six ties?


Yesterday’s news:

Blockchains are well-suited for digital currencies.

Today’s topic:

“Blockchains are slow, wasteful and ill-suited for digital currencies” 


In today’s Internet of Things news is this reports that a startup has “developed an internet-connected “smart mask” that can transmit messages and translate from Japanese into eight other languages.”

Bonus content:

“Donut Robotics”


This report says that Microsoft has launched an “initiative to help 25 million people worldwide acquire the digital skills needed in a COVID-19 economy” 


Here is a report on a “proof-of-concept VR headset (that) looks like a pair of sunglasses”


“A pair of Stevie Wonder’s sunglasses”


Reports are in that big “Bossware typically lives on a computer or smartphone and has privileges to access data about everything that happens on that device”