Do not download Windows Themes.

Today’s online warning is “do not download Windows Themes; hackers can steal your login credentials and data”

Everybody panic?

See here, because it is so much fun trying to find where you put the darned thing already, “Samsung is developing a transparent smartphone

The boss at Netflix is saying that “staff can return to offices when the majority are vaccinated”

Netflix staff still wondering how and why office buildings get vaccinated before people.

U2 take a moment to think back six years, to a time when many people were angry about getting something free from Apple.

There are many ways to “plan trips on the web and save them to your phone” such as today’s Waze ways:

Yesterday’s news:

Plug and play video cards demoed in high end computers.

Today’s topic:

“First ‘plug and play’ brain prosthesis demoed in paralyzed person”

You can add Tesla cars’ software to your list of things that you shouldn’t attempt to hack.

Bonus content:

“You wouldn’t download a car—but would you download a quicker 0-60 mph time?”

According to this post Google has banned “6 more off the Play Store for containing the Joker malware. These apps accounted for nearly 200,000 downloads.”

But wait, there’s more:

“uninstall them right now”

This is [no joke] x 200,000.

A human is writing this post about an artificial intelligence “robot wrote this entire article.

Are you scared yet, human?”

Believe it or not, here is a report on a report that says “traditional channels continue to dominate the estimated $2 trillion global money laundering racket instead of cryptocurrencies”

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