The U.S. military is buying location data.

Apparently “the U.S. military is buying location data from some popular phone apps”

But wait, there’s more:

Including “a Muslim prayer and Quran app that has been downloaded by more than 98 million devices worldwide”

Here is “a history of Intel vs. AMD desktop performance, with CPU charts galore” *

* with helpful example of what a rabbit and tortoise may look like.

Reports are in that Ticketmaster UK has been “fined $1.7 Million for data security failures”

Australia’s stock exchange is taking a day-long timeout because of “a software glitch”

Yesterday’s news:

“President Obama loved the internet”

Today’s topic:

“Now he has second thoughts.”

The price of Bitcoin is now above $17,000 for the “first time since January 2018”

Here is a post that outlines “how to export your photos from Google Photos”

Reports are in that co-incidentally “employee surveillance software demand increased as workers transitioned to home working”

Move over PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X , you now might be able to buy a Bud Light gaming console, because why the heck not.

In related news:

Bud Light has made a gaming console.

There is now an app that “transforms your cat’s meows into actual words”

The U.S. Federal Bank Regulator is saying that Bitcoin companies going offshore is a national security risk”

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