Power to block access.

The parliament in Russia has apparently passed bills that would give them “the power to block access to YouTube, Twitter and Facebook” because reasons.


Yesterday’s news:

XRP is “the world’s third-largest cryptocurrency.”

Today’s topic:

Ripple Labs Inc. is “accused by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission of misleading investors in XRP”


A VPN that was “used by the world’s foremost cybercriminals has been taken down yesterday”


In today’s gaming console news “KFC launches 4K, 240FPS gaming console with a built-in chicken warmer”

The market has been hungry for something like this:


The status of “Signal’s highly secure chat and voice-call app” has apparently been downgraded to “claimed to have been cracked”


Make a new plan, Stan.

Get on the bus, Gus.

Reports are in from South Korea that the “country has achieved a world first by offering free Wi-Fi on all city buses nationwide.”


In a unique double-reversal apparently “criminal organisations are offering subscription services to other fraudsters to teach them a scam in which they impersonate their victims.


The Dallas Mavericks basketball team has “a deal for fans with Bitcoin to spend” because why the heck not:


Reports are in that “the owner of Japan’s first digital bank” has bought “UK-based cryptocurrency dealer” B2C2.