Esports tournament provider.

This post says that the Philadelphia Eagles have become the “first NFL team to sign up an esports tournament provider”

The International Monetary Fund has published a blog post that says “your credit score should be based on your web history” because reasons:

Apparently you can add “big tech companies including Intel, Nvidia, and Cisco” to your SolarWinds-hack-victim list:

Here is the story of some Polk folk that have been burned by investigators and are now under arrest “accused of selling ‘jail-broken’ Amazon Fire TV Sticks”

Here is a macromedia inspired flashback at “7 infamous moments in Adobe Flash’s security history”

Good news:

COVID-19 Stimulus Bill

Hold, please:

“would make illegal streaming a felony”

Stick a fork in it; “the year-long dispute between Bitmain co-founders appears to be at an end with a $600 million compensation on the table.”

Meanwhile, in captive cryptocurrency news from India “abductors asked for a 100 Bitcoin ransom for the son of a local businessman and crypto investor”

Take a jiffy to read about how “investment firm Jefferies to include Bitcoin in its pension fund’s portfolio while reducing gold”

In today’s cryptocurrency news “Ripple claims Bitcoin is ‘Chinese-controlled'” because reasons:

Here is the story of a guy who last week “bought $1,000 worth of Bitcoin every second in the evenings and the weekends”

The government in Tuvalu has reportedly announced “plans to become the world’s first paperless society using Bitcoin

No matter how unlucky of a day you are having it will never be as unlucky as the day someone “paid over $80,000 in transaction fees to send little over $1 in Bitcoin

The “( unofficial) “communicator in chief” of Ethereum has announced that he is “stepping down from his role”