The GameStop stock market wild ride.

The GameStop stock market wild ride kept on not stopping and the game continued as “GameStop (GME) stock halted twice as shares jump over 100%” 

If you have been wondering where you could find a free online course on “Python Programming – The Complete Guide [2021 Edition]” today may be your lucky day:

Sure things = death and taxes.

Unsure things = “how tech giants handle our data when we die”

This might be the best, most private and secure message that you read today about “the best messaging apps for privacy and security in 2021”

Thanks to Google TV it will soon be possible to “make your smart TV, dumb”

Yesterday’s news: “Nvidia announced that the RTX 3060 would limit hashing power when it detected Ethereum mining”

Today’s topic: “it will still happily mine other coins”

You ain’t seen nothing yet, Apple is “training Siri to detect and adapt to users who stutter”.

Yesterday’s news:

A fast random number generator.

Today’s topic:

“A new laser-based random number generator is the fastest of its kind”

This needs to be repeated:

Apple is “training Siri to detect and adapt to users who stutter”.

Believe it or not, information about the cable industry is coming in that says “misinformation-spewing cable companies come under scrutiny”

Like an anti-onion “Twitch, owned by Amazon, pulls Amazon’s anti-union ads”

Zesty news for people looking at real estate online now that “Zillow will now make cash offers for homes based on its ‘Zestimates'”

zzz….no word yet on Zesty Zoom Zestimates.

If you have been wanting to learn about “a botnet used for illicit cryptocurrency mining activities that is abusing Bitcoin (BTC) transactions to stay under the radar. “ today may be your lucky day.

Here is news of a “thin, modular, repairable 13-inch laptop”

Repairable challenge accepted?