Transmitting images of your face overseas.

Just because you are not traveling overseas doesn’t mean that thermal imaging cameras are not “transmitting images of your face overseas”

Starting last week there are now “$50-per-month broadband subsidies for US residents who have low incomes or who lost income during the pandemic.”

Before you click on that questionable link to a download page for MSI’s Afterburner software just don’t do it:

Hey Siri:
“Ford is adding ‘hands-free’ Alexa to new cars”.

If you are a slow typist who can imagine hitting “90 characters per minute, 99% accuracy” today may be your lucky day.

Here is a shocking report on how the “electricity grid is vulnerable to cyberattacks and needs to be made more secure”.

The creator of Ethereum has reportedly “transferred 500 ETH and over 50 trillion SHIB (Shiba Inu), a meme coin, worth around $1.14 billion at the time of transaction, to the India COVID-Crypto Relief Fund”

The search is now on for retailers in India who accept meme coins.

Yesterday’s news:

Santa knows when you are sleeping.

Today’s topic:

“Insurers spy on sleep apnea sufferers via internet connected CPAP machines”.

Believe it or not, research has apparently revealed that “12 influencers are behind most anti-vax hoaxes on social media.”

“Your car, toaster, even washing machine” have more in common than you may think.

Spoiler alert:
“a global shortage in the supply of semiconductors”