Bitcoin could not drop in value anymore.

People who just 24 hours ago thought that Bitcoin could not drop in value anymore for the day were 11% incorrect.

In a variation of earlier reports India has apparently ordered the “removal of content referring to ‘India variant’

Reports are in that people are feeling less secure after knowing that an “app is testing a service that lets people order private security on demand”

Here is a report on well-known billionaire internet investor that says “cryptocurrencies are a con”

Bonus content:

“Price forecasts are ‘nutso'”

Today’s high-flying security crash database breach news includes Air India and data on about 4.5 million Air India passengers.

You are not a Cookie Monster for for wondering “what do you actually agree to when you accept all cookies”

According to this report “China’s setting up a hotline for snitching on cryptocurrency miners” because of course they are.

Yesterday’s news:

Flogging a dead horse.

Today’s topic:

“Internet Explorer, the love-to-hate-it web browser, will die next year.”