Best small business ideas.

Here are the details of “15 best small business ideas to start in the year 2021”

Visit for the “Instagram influencers” and then stay to “develop an app”

Echos of earlier reports are coming in from the UK as British Telecom “starts trials of new hollow-core optical fibre networks”

According to this report Tesla has recalled “6,000 cars over risk of loose bolts”

No word yet on the nut behind the wheel.

Go’in back to Kali, Kali, Kali
Go’in back to Kali. Do you think so?

“Kali Linux 2021.2 released with new tools”

Reports are in saying that “retailer traders are loosely organizing a bid via social media messaging boards” to drive up share value of AMC theater stock.

Bonus “riding the meme stock wave” update:
The stock jumped nearly 30% on Wednesday alone and has surged roughly 1,700% in 2021.

A division of the US Army has awarded a contract to build the largest 3D printer ever.
That’s metal.

Dogecoin was trading up 33% on the day on Wednesday because reasons.

After a ransomware attack on this week Massachusetts residents are wanting mercy cross their ferry fleet.

The “National Security Council’s top cyber official” in the US is sending thoughts and prayers to private companies in their ongoing fight against ransomware attacks.

Good news:
Amazon is using a “cost saving routing algorithm”.

Hold, please:
It “makes drivers walk into traffic”.

According to this report from the University of Oxford, vaccine hesitancy is caused by “low trust in government, conspiracy beliefs and watching YouTube.”

Wait. Back up one.