You can probably trust this report.

You can probably trust this report that says Germany has launched an “antitrust investigation for Google”.

Reports are in that say Paxful is going “to launch a tool to let businesses get paid in Bitcoin” because why the heck not.

Yesterday’s news:
Finding coins to pay for parking.

Today’s topic:
“New electric car mines Bitcoin while it’s parked”

New research has apparently found that “nearly 57 million people are expected to buy cryptocurrency in the next year.”

But wait, there’s obviously more:
“over 20 percent of Americans have never owned crypto.”

According to this report famous twin brothers are saying that the price of Bitcoin could increase at least (2 x 5) fold within 10 years and the price of Bitcoin could increase at least (2 x 5) fold within 10 years.

When it comes to ransomware this report is says blame the game, not the Bitcoin messenger.

Some readers may have minor problems with this whitepaper on “Miner Collusion and the Bitcoin Protocol”

Thanks to a commercial space mission Bitcoin is apparently scheduled to be going to the moon “later this year”

The creator “of the now-defunct dark web marketplace, Silk Road” has said he is really sorry for making things harder on the Bitcoin community and “to an extent” sorry for all the “drug abuse and addiction” that his actions led to.