Consumers of clubhouse sandwiches.

No word yet on consumers of clubhouse sandwiches or frilly toothpicks but 1.3 million users of Clubhouse have joined the club of social media users that have had their social media data leaked online.

Believe it or not Google has removed “a fake ‘Netflix’ app that’s been spreading malware via WhatsApp”.

Let’s take a look at how online gaming is doing this year:
“Twitch and Facebook Gaming are having one hell of a year.”

YouTube Gaming:


PingPipe web hosting has some great custom shop dedicated servers available for you in New York City with super fast connectivity to the [New York City Internet Exchange [NY4, NY5, etc].

Yesterday’s news:
“Clean” coal.

Today’s topic:
“Clean bitcoin

Sort of news:
There is a data center in Ashburn, Virginia responsible for “about 70% of the internet”.

Hold, please:
The FBI arrested a Texas man “for allegedly planning to “kill of about 70% of the internet” in a bomb attack”.

Yesterday’s news:

Microsoft thinks computers can help with student learning.

Today’s topic:

“Physicists working with Microsoft think the universe is a self-learning computer”.

Reports are in that “some of the companies that make and sell products that make remote working possible told employees that they will be expected to return to the office” because reasons.

Here is the story of a woman who “sued Google, her former employer, alleging she had been discriminated against while pregnant”**

** with helpful picture of what a pregnant woman may look like.

Remember last February and the “aborted .org takeover” ?

Namecheap remembers.

But wait, there’s more:
They apparently “may target GoDaddy and Donuts next”.

The phrase “knows if you’ve been bad or good” doesn’t just apply to Santa Claus anymore.

Here is how to “check if Google is tracking you with new targeted advertising”.

On March 30th “several red alerts” were issued warning of a possible collision of “two satellites from the fast-growing constellations of OneWeb and SpaceX’s Starlink”

Bonus orbital calamity proximity:

“the two satellites coming as close as 190 feet”