A third eye for smartphone zombies.

Someone has created a “‘Third Eye’ for ‘smartphone zombies'” because why the heck not.


Yesterday’s news:
Apple Watch.

Today’s topic:
“This Custom Commodore 64 smartwatch that lets you code in BASIC right on your wrist”


Here is a story that started down-under and includes a “trojan horse app” together with the Australian Federal Police, the US FBI, police in 16 countries and “an encrypted AN0M communications network used by crime groups”.


You don’t need to be in dire straits to learn about this app that is all about making money for nothing:


Quickly, here is a report on the cause of the “widespread internet outage” that you may have experienced today:


Good news:
“U.S. seizes most of Colonial Pipeline ransom” of “$2.3 million in bitcoin paid to hacker group DarkSide.”

Co-incidence or causation:
Bitcoin slides 7%”


Believe it or not IBM has released an “AI model toolkit to help developers measure uncertainty”


Yesterday’s news:
GTA and the video games we’ve always liked.

Today’s topic:
“GPT-3 and the AI disinformation machine we’ve always feared”


Reports are in that say “self-driving electric boats are currently being trialed in Amsterdam’s canals”

No reports yet of self-driving electric pirate ships.


Shuffle on over and read about the “newest radical foldable smartphone


Artificial Intelligence news today includes a cockroach together with search and rescue equipment.

Spoiler alert:
No hard drive RAID.


Step 1 : Do you feel lucky?
Step 2: “Are we overestimating the ransomware threat?”