Ex-U.S. intel operatives admit hacking.

Imagine a world where “ex-U.S. intel operatives admit hacking American networks for UAE”
It’s more likely than you think.


Today’s artificial intelligence news includes a “new autonomous method that precisely detects endangered whale vocalizations”
There it is:


Here is the story of “a company that collects and sells information about the performance of mobile apps” that includes the US Securities and Exchange Commission, a $10 million settlement, and App Annie up-ended.


It behooves you to say that you herd it here first: “Indigenous knowledge, space technology and artificial intelligence” have come together in this mooving report.

Bonus content:


There is a tech startup in San Jose that is “hoping to build ‘the Airbnb of parking'” because why the heck not.


If you are considering purchasing that new iPhone13 in Brazil there are less expensive alternatives available.


New York City delivery workers are:

1) Exploited by apps.
2) Attacked by thieves.
3) Unprotected by police.
4) All of the above.


The government in Kazakhstan has frowny face emoji passed a bill “requiring owners of foreign social media and messaging apps to set up offices in the country or risk being blocked.”


If you received an email asking you to submit bids for federal contracts and the email has “a big blue button that said, ‘CLICK HERE TO BID.'” no matter what the email says it was not sent to you by the US Department of Transportation.


The Federal Communications Commission in the US “has announced it’s investigating deals the broadband industry strikes with landlords that block broadband competition in apartment complexes”

Let’s see how well this works out for them.


Google has landed another trans-Atlantic cable, this one “is expected to be able to carry around 340Tbps of capacity”

Bonus content:
“that’s about the same as 17.5 million people streaming 4K videos all at the same time.”


Yesterday’s news:
People of Walmart.

Today’s topic:
People using Walmart’s “self-driving home delivery with Ford and Argo AI cars”


Believe it or not here is the story of “how one coder became Indonesia’s misinformation guru”