Control iPads with their eyes.

News is in that says iPadOS 15 features “will let people with disabilities control iPads with their eyes”

Here is “a timeline of the biggest ransomware attacks”

Spoiler alert:
Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have become a key tool in online crime.”

Specifications of Intel’s 12th Generation Alder Lake non-K CPU have been leaked and “these specs should be taken with a huge grain of salt”
Wait. What?

Information disorder.

It’s more likely than you think.

Sort of news:
Crypto nerds tried to buy the U.S. Constitution.

But wait, there’s more::
the group raised over $3 million in Ethereum.

In today’s smart TV news is this report that “Vizio makes more money spying on people who buy TVs than it does on TVs themselves”

Something something “macOS Monterey has a serious memory leak problem” something something something.

The folks over at CNN are reporting on “how Elon Musk’s fortune has benefited from taxpayer help”

Wait. Taxpayer whatnow?

If you have ever wondered “how badly is cryptocurrency worsening the chip shortage?” you are not alone and “the ethereum mining problem is getting worse.”

If you woke up today wanting to play the Chinese version of Fortnite you are going to have a Epic bad day.