Retro news from 2021.

Today’s data breach retro news from 2021 includes GoDaddy and “email addresses of up to 1.2 million active and inactive Managed WordPress customers”

Reports are in that say it is in part thanks to community generated algorithms that a “do-It-Yourself artificial pancreas” has been “given approval by team of experts”

The next time that you think about how the pandemic has impacted your work also realize that it is being reported that “workers in Vietnam lived inside factories to keep Samsung’s products on shelves during the pandemic”

February 2021 news:
People die during Texas power outages.

Today’s topic:
Bitcoin miners are flocking to Texas as grid operator warns of future blackouts”

Plans are in place for “a “Bitcoin City” in the shape of a COIN that is being built on the side of a volcano using thermal energy” because El Salvador and why the heck not.

Yesterday’s news:
Your fingerprint used for security.

Today’s topic:
“your fingerprint can be hacked for $5, here’s how”