Crack down on cyber Grinches.

There is reports of widespread support in Whoville for a potential law to “crack down on cyber Grinches using bots to quickly snap up entire inventories of popular holiday toys and resell them.”

Recent reports on the NFT investment market say “you can gain everything and you can lose everything’”

In related news:
Water is wet and gravity sucks.

Yesterday’s news:

Hunt for long-life batteries.

Today’s topic:

“Hunt for the ‘blood diamond of batteries’”

That escalated quickly.

The chip shortage is coming for the touchscreen in that new BMW that you were hoping to drive away in this year.

Here is a report on a startup that makes software for the trucking industry.

Bonus content:
They keep on truckin’ and have “just raised a $115 million Series B.”

There is now “multi-platform spyware that tracks users across Windows and Android” because of course there is.

Countless potential hours of hidden video hilarity is now possible with “this new USB flash drive that self-destructs on command”

This report drops a dime on an FBI document that “says the Feds can get your WhatsApp data, in real time”