All your base are belong to us.

All your base are belong to us. Reports are in that say “some new BMWs will need a software update to get Wi-Fi, Android Auto, and Apple CarPlay” because reasons and all your base are belong to us.

The NFT market has reached peak 1990’s Dancing Baby Screensaver level:

Google docs crashed on its way to conjunction junction.

Ukrainian resistance movement took the conflict to the next level with DDoS attacks on a ‘critical online portal’ for the supply of vodka in Russia.

No matter what you do with your 3D printer today it will not be as cool as a school for the blind that has created a “3D yearbook so students can remember their friends’ faces”

You can now get Apple CarPlay on your Tesla and all you have to do is buy a Raspberry Pi and learn how to write code.

None of the unusual things that you can learn with your smartphone will ever be as unusual as ‘what two Princeton scientists learned by turning a living cat into a phone’

[ with helpful picture of what a living cat phone may look like ]

The government of El Salvador took advantage ‘of crumbling crypto prices to acquire 500 more bitcoin

Let’s see how well this works out for them:

The CEO of MicroStrategy has said that ” the price of bitcoin needs to drop as low as $3,562 for the company to get a margin call “

Everybody panic ?

This report says that “a home was purchased for $65,000 in bitcoin” in Louisville, Kentucky.

In related news:
It is possible to purchase a home for $65,000.