Wok this way.

Wok this way. Microsoft has announced that they are coming out with a hot new product. Wok this way.


The world may no longer be hung out to dry. A clean solution to the chip shortage has been found that involves suds.


If you guessed an Apple store Atlanta would be the first to file for a union election step right up and remember to look for a union label “when you are buying that coat, dress, or blouse”.


The United States District Court of North California was not playing when they recently dismissed a lawsuit that accused Sony PlayStation of ““pay disparity, wrongful termination, and other instances of gender-based discrimination””


Malware-ridden searches are apparently a thing and here is a report on “the most dangerous pop culture search terms”


Reports are in that say researchers have “uncovered a vulnerability that could have allowed hackers to commandeer millions of Android devices”

Everybody panic?


Kubuntu Linux 22.04 LTS is officially a thing.


If you have been wondering the cost of neglecting an iPhone charger the correct answer is $1000.