Purchase from the Nintendo Wii U.

If you want to make a purchase from the Nintendo Wii U, plan to make it before March 27, 2023.


In today’s ‘surf the web and communicate via email and text simply by thinking’ news, apparently a doctor in New York has successfully implanted a brain-computer interface in a patient.

Important possible avoidance:
Blue screens.


Here is a report on a report on a ‘financial watchdog’ that thinks “victims of cash app scams should be reimbursed by banks”.


It was only a matter of time until ‘grey market hackers’ became ‘ready to unlock BMW’s controversial heated seat subscription’ It is now that time.


There is reportedly been a complaint filed in the US District Court for the Northern District of California by a Credit Union in Iowa that “accuses Apple of illegally profiting from Apple Pay and breaking antitrust laws”. Let’s see how well that works out for them:


Yesterday’s news:

The Linux kernel “is also open source, meaning anyone can write, read, and use its code.”

Hold, please:

“that’s got cybersecurity experts inside the US military seriously worried”

Everybody panic?


Intel would like you to know that PCs powered by their Intel vPro processor are adjective ADVERB ADVERB adjective adverb adverb adverb noun.


Believe it or not 99% of the time it 100% shows that this report says ‘most videos people regretted watching on YouTube came from its recommendation algorithm’

In a somewhat related reminder:
Clear your browser’s cache.


Denmark’s data protection agency

Denmark’s data protection agency has ruled that Google’s cloud-based Workspace software suite “does not meet the requirements” of the European Union’s GDPR data privacy regulations when it comes to data processing involving students.


If you have been wondering “how China became ground zero for the auto chip shortage” you are not alone, and today may be your lucky day.