In exchange for palm print biometrics.

Amazon will give people “about $10 in promotional credit” in exchange for their palm print biometrics and some other people have privacy concerns about that:

You can add “spiritual opium” to your list of phrases that the media has used to describe video games.

Bad news:
Your social media account has been hacked.

Worse news:
getting help may take weeks”

Hold, please:

“or $299”

The shortage of computer chips is so bad that a “stockpile of unfinished Ford Super Duty pickups missing chips is now visible from space.”

Microsoft asked its customers for feedback on Windows 11 and the results were as you would expect.

Today’s how-to news includes “how police can get your data-even if you aren’t suspected of a crime”

Bonus content:

“you may never know they did it”

Good news:

California has the first cybersecurity committee of any state legislature.”

Hold please:

“Will it get anything done?”

Apple told “anti-vaxx dating app Unjected” to stick it, and removed them from the App Store.

You have to give credit to the company behind the popular financial payment app Square.
They bought “an Australian buy now, pay later firm” for $29 billion.

Today’s artificial intelligence news includes twilight, a self-driving car, a yellow traffic light, and a beautiful full moon.

Wait. What?

Apparently this needs to be repeated:
Data has never been completely safe from obliteration.”
“Data has never been completely safe from obliteration.”

A court in Australia has reportedly ruled that artificial intelligence “can be considered an inventor on patent filings”

Spoiler alert:
“the last thing we need is robot patent trolls”