Alaska network security leak bears review.

Alaska network security leak bears review after Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services (DHSS) reported a network security leak.

Bonus bear content:
“attackers might need to paws for reflection”

  • with helpful picture of what “cyber defense patrols” may look like.

Good news: “Windows 11 won’t stop older PCs”

Hold, please:
“but it might make you sign this waiver”

Here is a hungry-hungry ransomware report that includes an “Iowa-based provider of agriculture services” and “a $5.9 million ransom demand”

This may be a disturbing report for people who eat “grain, pork, and chicken”

Alaska network security leak review bears review.

According to this Alaska network security update report, after suffering a cyberattack at Alaska’s Department of Health and Social Services “systems are still down—After 5 MONTHS”
If nobody moves hopefully nobody gets hurt.

Good news:

“a new Android app aims to give Iranians a way to speak freely.”

But wait, there’s more:
“an encryption tool that turns up to 1,000 characters of Farsi text into a jumble of random words”

Alaska network security leak is reported and attackers need to paws for reflection.

Something might smell fishy in this report of a “cryptocurrency launchpad hit by $3 million supply chain attack”

Spoiler alert:
“Attacker steals $3 million in Ethereum via one GitHub commit”