Amazon and Electronic Arts.

Amazon is reportedly set to buy Electronic Arts

so you could say that things are getting pretty serious between Amazon and Electronic Arts; or not.

Yesterday’s DoodDash knosh:

Delicious deliveries.

Today’s DoorDash knowledge:
“Hackers accessed DoorDash customer information and some partial payment data.”

Apparently this needs to be repeated:
“Password managers are not bulletproof”

and by ‘not bulletproof’ they mean “LastPass, one of the most used password managers, is sending out users warning users that it suffered a breach.”

Google has announced that search results and Google Maps will now both include more clearly labelled healthcare facility information.

A federal judge has reminded Cleveland State University in Ohio ‘that a room scan taken before an online test as a proctoring measure’ is unconstitutional.

You might need to take care when reading this report on how “Amazon is shutting down its telehealth service, Amazon Care”

Believe it or not this report has surprising news that says Xbox has confirmed “it’s not planning to change the price of Series X or S consoles”

Reports are in that say the ‘world’s biggest Amazon warehouse’ has raised the same concerns that you have at family gatherings.

A senior fellow in Ireland has launched a US class-action lawsuit against Oracle for ‘tracking’ five billion people” because reasons.

Let’s see how well that works out for him.

HEAR THIS, NEW REPORTS ARE IN THAT SAY “SpaceX and T-Mobile have teamed-up “to use Starlink satellites to ‘end mobile dead zones’”

Today’s artificial intelligence news that may repeat on you includes “a fully autonomous restaurant in San Francisco that could make your lunch cheaper”

This report on a report.

The truth is that this report on a report on social media says that “Truth Social’s finances ‘may be in significant disarray’

The director of the Institute for Theory and Computation at the Harvard Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics is spelling out UFO reports to the public.

Google has apparently found a way to clean up air emission calculations in Google Flights “making air travel look cleaner”