Looking at the Google graveyard.

Just in time for Halloween this year of corpse people are looking at the Google graveyard.
RIP “Plex mobile-first bank accounts”.


An ISP in South Korea is sued “Netflix for millions in bandwidth usage fees”.


Stories, Spectacles, and in your face polarized social media.
This report has it all:


Here is a look at a look “inside the social media surveillance software that can watch your every move”.


According to this report “there’s a multi-billion dollar market for your phone’s location data”.

Meanwhile, you wish that you had a dollar for every time you couldn’t remember where you left your car keys.


Some people are suing Mark Cuban and the Dallas Mavericks, saying their promotion of a cryptocurrency platform resulted in more than 3.5 million investors losing $5 billion because reasons.


Guess which “social media platform is used by 95% of teens” (And It’s Not TikTok)
Spoiler alert: “it’s not TikTok”


Computer scientists are using machine-learning algorithms to teach a “Bartending Robot” how to “expertly mix your favorite drink while serving up a side of friendly banter”, expect to have work finished by 5 o’clock somewhere.


Step 1 : “Two unknown Latin music operators make $23 million from YouTube”

Step 3 : “The IRS says they stole it”