Help when you have been hacked.

Here is a post about the valuable third-party help that you can expect to find on the internet when you have been hacked.

Spoiler alert: None.

You may reach livid levels of anger after reading this post that says “YouTube’s algorithm pushes violent content”

Artificial Intelligence researchers might be running out of ideas.

In related news:
“a new tactile sensing carpet”

AT&T updated its Unlimited Elite mobile data plan’s status to unlimited elite super colossal astounding fantastic plus one.

SolarWinds is said that “unknown hackers exploited a previously unknown flaw in two of its programs”

This deja vu all over again.

We have custom shop Forex dedicated servers available for you in London with ultra-fast connectivity to LD4, LD5 and the London Internet Exchange..

Sort of news:
There is a new dating app.

But wait, there’s more:
“It is the only state-sanctioned platform of its kind” in the Islamic Republic of Iran.

According to this report TikTok is “introducing more automation to video” remo…….

The person in charge of Autopilot Development over at Huawei is driving home the theory that “cars will never be fully autonomous”

Doing selfies wrong.

Today’s internet of things story about doing selfies wrong includes this woman who was “arrested after taking selfies with a stolen surveillance camera”

Old news:
Reports are in that say the “oldest hydro power station in the US is mining Bitcoin” because why the heck not:

Someone who knows someone that should know something about this sort of thing has heard “rumors fly that Apple once bought $2.5 billion in Bitcoin

Here is a post on how to make purchases on Amazon that you will probably later regret and pay for them “using Bitcoin, Cardano, Ethereum, Litecoin, or whatever other cryptocurrency you own.”

Yesterday’s news:

Your bank offers airmiles rewards.

Today’s topic:
Bitcoin rewards is becoming a hot new trend in banking”

Here is a flashback that report says that “Bitcoin has been profitable for 96% of ots life”

In related news: Timing is everything.