Apple’s performance comparisons to Windows.

Reports are in and “Apple’s performance comparisons to Windows PCs continue to be:”
1) hilarious
2) ridiculous
3) all of the above.

Here is a report that says “Dutch Students using ChatGPT to finish homework”

In a related homework notes:

Water is still wet and gravity still sucks.

Biological senses say that the robot who smelled it most likely also was the robot that dealt it.

If you have ever wanted to see a world map that shows “National developed hydropower as a percentage of full profitable potential” you are not alone and today may be your lucky day.

Power-saving collision detector.

There is no word yet if there have been Artificial Intelligence software bugs discovered in this “power-saving collision detector inspired by the way insects avoid bumping into one another”

The guy who co-founded the Nest smart thermostat “is back with a new venture and design for the home to help with a very big problem”

Hold please:
“The startup charges users a $33 monthly subscription fee to recycle”

According to this report cryptocurrency exchange founder Sam Bankman-Fried said that “FTX has more than enough money to repay U.S. customers”.

That finally explains his corporate reasoning thingy.

This weeks lock live news on news allowing criminal hackers access to customer password managers includes a credential stuffing attack.

In summary:
Turkey stuffing = OK
Credential stuffing = NOT OK

The person in the Human Resources department at Microsoft who is responsible for firing people most awkward week may have been when Microsoft announced “plans to cut thousands of jobs with some roles expected to be eliminated in human resources”

Today’s tech investor securities fraud is elementary, Watson.

“IBM top brass are accused again of using mainframes to prop up Watson”

Wait. What son?

Today’s bricks and mortar technology news includes a report of The Royal Mail in the UK is urging their customers not to post items, because cyberattacks.