A Data Center and Power Firm.

Here is the story of a “data center and power firm” and learning that running a data center and running a “Bitcoin power plant” are not the same thing and that even in the age of cryptocurrency “obtaining planning permission” is still a thing.


Reports are in that say “iPhones are projected to start showing many more ads in the near future” because apparently there is a consumer demand for that iPhone ownership benefit.


The folks over at SpaceX would like you to know that “researchers are welcome to hack Starlink”
Bonus bonus content: “can be paid up to $25,000 for finding bugs”.


PingPipe has some great custom shop dedicated servers web hosting available for you in Singapore with super fast connectivity to the Singapore Internet Exchange.


This report says that ‘artificial intelligence power consumption is exploding’.
No reports yet if scientists are developing an artificial artificially intelligent power saving imploding alternative.


Workers at AT&T are fighting their “return to office push”.
Let’s see how well that works for them.

Bonus content:
Look for the Union label.


Executives over at Google are reportedly warning employees about upcoming layoffs and bloody streets.

This may be a repeat of earlier reports.


Sort of news:

‘Everyone’s over remote work’

Hold, please:
‘except for the workers themselves’.


Free Bonus Trip Tip.

Here is free bonus news trip tip that says “Uber is shutting down its free rewards program this fall”

Yesterday’s smart doorbell news:
Amazon Ring “routinely shares customers’ video feeds with local police without their knowledge”.

Today’s alarming topic:
“Amazon is turning Ring surveillance footage into a reality show”.


Here is some penetrating news of an “artificial intelligence laser probe for prostate cancer” that has entered clinical trials:


If someone asks you to spend your Ethereum to buy a non-fungible token from them that features an “evolved ape” the request is bananas and should not be appealing, just don’t do it.


Sort of news:

“Company that routes SMS for all major US carriers was hacked”

Hold, please:

“for five years”.


People who regularly post on social media are largely pleased that a new method to avoid Godwin’s Law is now available.